Come and witness the World’s most wanted AMG
becoming the World’s most wanted NFT

MContent, the world’s first tokenized content ecosystem, has launched an innovative NFT program around a rare and in-demand supercar – the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. The PROJECT BLACK (#projectblacknft) program offers automotive enthusiasts a chance to buy NFTs, which will give them partial ownership in the one of the most coveted vehicles, as well as unique digital and physical assets.

This unique NFT has many utilities, from owning, driving, and experiencing the car for a month every year to owning the unique 3D NFT model of the car and an actual physical miniature of the car with unique elements based on the number of the NFT. As well as shared ownership, after a few years MContent will resell the car and redistribute the value back to its NFT holders directly. MContent has also announced that a fixed amount out of the NFT sales proceeds will be donated to the Rashid Center for People of Determination, a UAE-based education center for individuals of all ages with disabilities, as a part of its CSR framework.

Supercar Blondie


Project Black is our way of revolutionizing a static industry of luxury cars, that for many years has been stable by introducing a new way of owning and benefiting from your classic car while enjoying it on the road!

Born in Affalterbach, the new Mercedes-AMG GT Black series has few siblings with only 1,700 cars ever made which makes it a classic. With an average price of around USD 570,000 it’s meant only for the Elite car enthusiasts and for veteran car collectors around the world.
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Project Black brings classic cars closer to the collectors and investors by providing them with the first-of-its-kind experience, combining curated Digital Art and high-end exclusive utilities. MContent presents 12 Non-Fungible Tokens to investors and collectors around the world.

While the NFT space is having difficulty in proving sustainability due to the lack of true utility in 90% of projects along with an unnecessarily large supply, we have decided to deliver a project with unique non-fungeble value.


Born and raised in Paris, Idriss has shown an interest in art since his childhood. With his considerable knowledge of new materials, combinations of different sources and various handmade art objects, Idriss began to think of a new collection. This collection was made by molding his vision of contemporary art to create polygonal animal forms in different sizes which he then sold to collectors as limited edition pieces. The goal is to give the possibility to everybody to own unique piece of art.



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